Waiting to fly

A man’s patience is tested as he awaits refueling for his ship.

Binary moons

These moons are made of clouds and rock

Holy falls

The mountain bears the cross and protects the valley

I was blown away with the creativity, the beauty and in some cases the accuracy of what it could be like on other planets. Machines certainly do make art!

Unexpected eruption

Countless eruptions occur at any given time

Starry night

Glowing mushroom huts offer shelter

Snippets of the universe

What happens when you combine 5+ latest Artificial Intelligence tools and ask the big question, what would life be like on other planets? Not only was I surprised at the results, but I was also blown away at the beauty and interpretation all done by…machines.

I believe looking back this collection will be considered one of the first and only of its kind.

All deliverables are in 4096 x 4096 resolution

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